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    ss r2000gz-gl programmatically reading the BMC chip




      I'm a developer, and I've been requested to implement a way to read the status of the redundant power supply of an Intel server in our .Net 4.0 application. Specifically a server in the r2000gz-gl series.


      I've tried retrieving this information using WMI, to no avail.  There are WMI classes like Win32_ComputerSystem and Win32_PowerSupply which could contain such information. But when I request these on the servers they're empty.


      I also found HP servers have specific WMI classes as discussed in topics like this one: WMI power supply

      This makes me wonder if Intel servers also have specific WMI classes, but I couldn't find anything like it in the available WMI classes on the server.


      I've installed various drivers and tools that are available from the Intel website, and among them was a tool that dumps the status of the BMC chip. I've seen that this dump contains the information I need, plus a whole lot of other information that might be usefull in the future (and a whole lot more of info that is completely not relevant to me).


      I could write my code to start this tool, wait for it to finish, then parse the dump file and retrieve this info. But considering this tool can reach the info, I was hoping I could reach the info from my application as well. Which hopefully is a lot quicker, a lot cleaner. And preferably, if runs with WMI, makes the info retrievable from other (similar) servers in the network as well.


      So my question is:

      - Can it be done with WMI (or similar)?

      - If not, can it at least be done more directly (instead of a tool > dump > parse > info route) from C# .Net4


      Looking forward to your help.


      Kind regards,

      Koen Visser