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    No Intel server MB supported in ESXi 6.0


      We have 3 x 2 year old 2600gz platforms that run ESXi 5.5.


      After the 6.0 we verified if the platform is support just because this is our procedure. We weren't really expecting to find that no intel platform appears in the ESXi 6.0 compatibility matrix.


      I hope this is just a delay and not the real deal.

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          While VMware* ESXi 6.0 may work on the Intel® Server Board S2600GZ, please, know Intel's not officially validated it on any of our boards, yet, including the Intel® Server Board S2600GZ.  I recommend periodically visiting our supported Operating System lists for updates.

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            Hi all,


            i've recently bought a intel server with Intel® Server Board S2600GZ; i've configured raid 1 to support ESXi6 hyperv.

            Esxi seems dosen't recognise the raid as disk to install itself.


            Anyone has the same problem ? on the VmWare the board is supported also from 5.5.


            The config are made with 2 SSD disk and the local controller on board. From bios all virtualization parameter are enable.


            There is some tips to do ?