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    Need Z97 Chipset Driver INF Files Not Install Utility


      I purchased an MSI z97-g45 motherboard and I am trying to us Acronis Universal Restore 2015 to load a mirror of my current system to new hardware (Everything New).  To do this I need the give the chipset drivers to the Acronis program so the program can load the drivers prior to loading installing the OS (Win7 Home Premium 64 bit) so the mirrored drive can function on the new hardware.


      Where I come into a problem is the driver provided on the disk that came with the motherboard and the drivers downloaded from the site come packaged in an install utility packaged in an EXE file.  When I try to extract the EXE to get the actual drivers (INF files) all I get are a bunch of useless files. All I am looking for are the actual chipset drivers.  Does anyone know where I can get them?  MSI tells me Intel only provides tham with the install utility and that I should contact Intel for the actual drivers, so here I am.


      Here is where you can download the drivers provided by MSI for my motherboard if you want to see the actual files I am talking about.






      Please help.  Thanks