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    Bug Report: Intel HD Graphics Drivers (class problem) crash on glUseProgram() and other calls...




      Our customers have been experiencing a problem and we've tracked it down to what appears to be a driver problem in the Intel HD Graphics drivers. We've seen it with several model numbers so we think it is a class problem. Note: There is a possibility that we are doing something to cause this; however, our code works with every other driver vendor. It's only with the Intel drivers we see the problems.


      I downloaded the latest driver for our machine and the problem still occurs.


      I'd be glad to get you a version of our software that exhibits the problem. It is too large to attach.



      StackTrace.rtf  - a stack trace from one of our customer's machines

      CrashTrace(  - A call trace log from an older version of the driver

      CrashTrace( -  A call trace log from the newest version of the driver we could update to.


      If you need help with the following steps, send me and e-mail and we can set up a call. We are in Portland, OR so hopefully timezone isn't an issue.


      Here are the steps to reproduce the problem:


      1. Open an image in Perfect Effects by right clicking an image.

      2. From the drop down combo box in the right pane, add  the 'Borders' effects.

      3. Twist down blend options button in the right pane.

      4. Open the blend mode combo box and start scrolling down. This should cause the crash.


      We run in OpenGL 2.0 mode as we must support older hardware.


      We've debugged this problem and here is what appears to be happening. We add and delete shaders and shader programs all the time. If we create a shader program, delete it, and then recreate it and get a number that was previously deleted, we crash every time. If we get a new number, it works fine.  We've worked around the problem by tracking the numbers that have been allocated, but this isn't a very good solution for us. Hope you can help.


      Please feel free to e-mail with questions if you need help. We are motivated to get this resolved.


      Best Regards,

      Dan Stuart

      Lead Software Engineer onOneSoftware.