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    ASUS H97M-E with i5-4670 (HD Graphics 4600) - No HDMI Audio


      I have an ASUS H97M-E motherboard with an i5-4670 CPU with 4600 HD graphics. I have connected both a Samsung TV and a Denon AVR to it via a HDMI cable. I get video via the cable, but no audio. What is very strange is that the devices show correctly in the playback devices list in Sound control panel window. I have selected both these devices when connected via the HDMI cable as the default audio device and configured the correct number of channels, but no sound is pushed through. What is even more strange is that on the Denon AVR the number of channels that are configured under the playback device list is shown on the AVR (e.g. if I configure stereo output, it shows stereo and when I configure 5.1 sound it shows multiple audio channels.) When I select the test sound to be played it even shows changes in the format on the AVR as well. This shows that some audio communication is taking place, but no sound is actually produced.


      I have tried a number of restart combinations, but the problem remains and it seems to be different to the sound issue experienced about 18 months ago with the drivers.


      The BIOS also allows a selection to enable/disable the Intel HD Audio via the HDMI and also to enable/disable the Realtek on board audio. I have tested several combinations of these without success. It is also possible to push the Realtek SPDIF audio via the HDMI, but also this did not allow any sound to be produced.


      I have not tested all scenarios via both the TV and the AVR, since some of the basic configurations that are supposed to work, did not.


      Any help with this issue will be much appreciated.