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    mraa4j Java library to access GPIO




      I am not sure how many people are using Java on the Edison. To me it seems that Java is quite a useful platform on the Edison. The CPU is powerful enough, Java may often be useful for projects that are too complex for the Arduino IDE. And still you get more convenience compared to plain C/C++. My first (few) experiments with Java on the Edison were quite good.


      I tried playing around with how I can access the GPIO from within the Java Virtual Machine and came up with some experiments to implement a thin wrapper on top of libmraa using Java native calls. I posted the code to GitHub: codingandmore/mraa4j · GitHub


      Please note that this code is almost everywhere untested. I lack possibilites to test all the various interfaces and currently did only very few tests with selective calls. Anyway I thought it may be useful to share it with the community. Perhaps useful for others who like to experiment with Java or just to initiate a discussion whether something like this would be useful.