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    DG41RQI Network problem!!


      I recently bought a intel DG41RQI board, in starting, the integrated LAN functioned properly but after 15-20 days it started giving headache. It shows it is connected but INTERNET doesnt work in my PC. i ping the gateway and it shows request timed out then i thought it is my provider problem, I called him he came,  checked and found  no problem with the network then I inserted the LAN card I had and voila it worked. I tried reinstalling the driver but no help I also pinged the host( and it didnt showed any error. I tried winsock reset and restarted my PC sometimes it worked sometimes not. I also noticed that my LAN leds doesnt blink. I reinstalled XP but still after sometime the same problem Is there anyone who can help me???


      I forgot to mention i have Onboard LAN "REALTEK RTL8168D(P)/8111D(P) PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC"


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