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    Intel DG35EC FSB mismatch


      hi everyone !

      my name is Antony, newbee to Intel Community.

      I have a problem regadring FSB of My Intel DG35EC mother board

      my system specs :

      processor : core2duo E8400 3.0Ghz

      main board : DG35EC

      memory : 2*1GB ddr2 800mhz


      presently my fsb is 331.4 mhz (according to cpu-z utility)

      with a multiplier settings of 6 and 9 (intel speed step)

      I want to use VMWare workstation on my pc.

      when i installed it, there was a warning that my system's FSB is not running at the specified speed (333mz)and the system date and time

      in the virtual machine will not be correct. is that true? is VMWare calculate its virtual machines time settings from system FSB, if so pls

      help me to run my system at the correct FSB (333mhz instead of 331.4mhz )


      Antony Peter