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    Windows 8 Microsoft drivers & Minecraft


      So... I have discovered that teh (WDDM 1.1) drivers DO NOT work with minecraft. I recently had my PC reset to factory settings, because it was being slower than usual. The wipe fixed my slowness problem, but my minecraft no longer worked. Before I had my PC wiped, I had somehow found non-wddm drivers and installed them. I have no idea how I did it, and i've tried to do it again. I can't. I have the g45/g43 Express Chipset. Also, Why hasent Intel put up windows 8 drivers on their website? I see windows 7, Vista, and XP but no windows 8. It seems the only windows 8 drivers they have are installed on your computer automatically, and cant be found online. I hope someone can find a solution soon, or I will just get a computer with nvidia graphics. Thanks!

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          The support for Windows 8 on your computer manufacturer is available only for inbox drivers. Intel does not have plans to release drivers for windows 8 for your graphics controller.



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            So I just bought MineCraft running an older HP Pavilion with Intel ChipSet Express 4 Family (32 bit) Running Windows 8.1... Took me 2 hours to figure it out lol BUT its very simple... All I did was go to device manager - display drivers and uninstall the chipset driver (which pulls the resolution into basic mode)... Next go to your manufacturers website (in my case it was HP)... Run the discover driver utility... Next download the driver (this will not be an updated driver and also these updates are coming from microsoft because intel doesn't support this chipset anymore.., so make sure to turn off auto windows updates also... So this driver will be a version (8.15.10.****) in my case it was chipset 4 driver (for 32 bit)... Then confirm install and restart... Now MineCraft is able to run on Windows 8 and 10!!! It is funny because this driver is supported by Windows 7 and newer updates of this ChipSet will not support opengl which I find odd that the older driver works yet the newer one's don't but that's microsoft for ya.., lol...


            Hope this helps!