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    HD4600 uninstalled when installing a dedicated graphic card


      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to install Widi on my computer, i have an inte AC 7260 for the wifi and an i7 4770 with hd4600 integrated.


      The thing is that i need the drivers of the HD4600 to be installed to be able to use widi.


      I tried to install the last version but it doesn't work.


      Finally, i unmounted my GTX 770, and then the intel HD4600 worked, and so the widi.


      But if i reinstall my GTX 770, then the HD4600 drivers are uninstalled and the widi isn't working again..


      Do you know a way to keep the drivers of the HD4600 OK even if there is a dedicated graphic card?


      I hope you'll understand what i want to do,


      Thanks in advance,