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    NUC 5i3RYH Bluetooth Problems


      Hello everyone,

      I recently purchased NUC 5i3RYH and I encountered a problem with the bluetooth .

      occasionally bluetooth devices are disconnected (Samsung HS3000) and are no longer found until you restart your PC . Other times the headset is unusable due to annoying noises .

      The other day it disappeared completely the Bluetooth card and I had to turn off the PC and unplug the power supply and then reinstall the drivers .

      I noticed that if I leave the PC on for two or three days continuously on, the bluetooth is not working up to restart.

      It ' very frustrating not to be able to use my bluetooth headset with Skype while with the previous PC (with Centrino N 2239 card) I have never had problems .

      Any idea to solve it?


      OS: Windows 8.1 Pro x64

      SSD: Crucial MX100 256 GB

      Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x4 GB


      Thanks for help, bye