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    Observing BSOD DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE (after Hibernated restart) and message 'You should upgrade your Intel ProSet Wireless Drivers' BUT


      then I started to use the Intel Driver Update utility, and the drivers won't install, after the needed reboots !

      It finds these:

      • WP-BT_17.1.1411.01_e164.exe
      • Wireless_17.14.0_e164.exe

      for my:

      • Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2230
      • on my LapTop with Windows 8.1, 64-bit

      Analyzing the content of its Logfile, these two messages appear, for each of the installs:

      DriverUpdateUI.exe Information: 0 : IDUU-Install: Couldn't find 32 bit subkey. Trying 64 bit.

      DriverUpdateUI.exe Information: 0 : IDUU-Install: Couldn't find registry subkey.  We're done here.

      I'm pretty sure, this is the symptoms explaining the failing installs.

      I have tried to install them outside Driver Update tool, same result ie. they wont' update, they either offer Repair or Remove.

      What can I do ?

      [update: 2-4-2015]

      The Laptop Manufacturer (Asus) says, restore entire Laptop back to Windows 8 (from 8.1).

      I wonder what kind of manufacturers are making laptops that lasts years (as in my case), using state of the art technology of Intel along with the latest Windows OS.


      I saw somewhere (in community) someone posted a link to report issues to Intel Support, but that can't be true - the only ones that can report issues, are from Technology Companies or Manufacturers it seems. Or am I wrong ? Anyone ?


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