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    Merging Intel IDE code with Arduino mainline IDE code



      Is there plan to include Intel's change in the Arduino IDE with every new Arduino IDE release?

      Would be very convenient to have one single copy of the IDE rather than two.


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          It seems to me like the IDE version 1.6.0 from the Intel site is a merge with both Galileo and Edison in addition to all the official AVR and ARM variants of Arduino.


          It's sort of the other way around, but maybe Intel is preparing their stuff to be easily bundled, or maybe they will keep up and release new versions with everything closely after the releases on arduino.cc.


          But if all you want is a single IDE for AVR and x86 based boards, it looks like the newer download (version 1.6.0) from Intel might be the way to go.


          PS. I'm on Mac, and actually have multiple versions of the IDE installed, things might be different for other platforms, I havn't checked.



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            Thanks, I had not noticed that a new version of Arduino was released.  I am glad to see they are now up to 1.6.0. 


            It looks like yesterday Arduino.cc released 1.6.2.  I know from the Teensy site: that many of the source deltas from 1.6.1 to 1.6.2 had some Intel related stuff (PJRC (Teensy) Forum)


            So hopefully Soon, maybe the Intel stuff will be merged into using the new board stuff of the updated IDE...


            Side note:  The only way I knew that a new release of the IDE was due to a few random posts in the forum (like this one).  Also from the download page it shows Arduino 1.6.0... Intel® Edison Products — Software Downloads

            But I have no idea of the versions of anything else on this page.  Example: Has the Yocto complete image been updated?  Wish there was some version number or dates on this page to know that things changed.  Also liked the old download page as you could bookmark it and get notified when things changed.

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              I have an RFDuino, a ReadBearLab NRF58122, a MediaTek LinkIt One board.

              They all have basically a zip file that you can extract to your Arduino installation and you have support for their device. They simply extract their version of the tools into the <IDE>/tools directory and their platform support tools under <IDE>/hardware.

              Why can't Intel do the same for their Edison? I did a quick MD5 sum compare between the stock Arduino 1.6.0 executable and the Intel version of the same release and they're not the same. Is this just because it was recompiled at a different time or Intel did more than just sticking the x86 tools into the appropriate subdirectory under Arduino IDE.

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                I think Intel can and probably will at some point. The Arduino IDE has been moving to this "multi architecture" for years now, and I'm not sure it's fully there yet, but I hope it gets there sooner rather than later, ideally with some sort of packet manager and repository management, to install architecture packages and libraries.


                I think it's moving in the right direction - the first versions of the Intel version of the Arduino IDE was ONLY Intel, probably with even more hacks than now to get it working.