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    USB Interference


      Hello all,


      I have had an Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYKH for 6 months or so now. I am using a Microsoft 'All-In-One Media Keyboard' with the NUC, which uses a 2.4ghz Micro-USB transceiver. Since day one the two products have been unusable together - the inputs are choppy and the mouse 'stutters' across the screen. Key inputs are recognised 50% of the time. I thought it might be the keyboard so I plugged in a Logitech mouse also connected to its own 2.4 Ghz Micro-USB transceiver.... exactly the same problem.

      I then did some basic trouble shooting. Did I install everything correctly inside - yes. Are my batteries running low in the devices - no. Etc Etc.

      I then tried connecting the transceivers to my NUC through a USB extension cable I borrowed from my flat mate. Bingo. Placing the 2.4 Ghz receiver away from the NUC case by way of extension cable had solved the problem. I carried on with my life as if nothing ever happened.....

      ... An hour ago my friend asked for his extension cable back. The horror. I'm back to a barely usable keyboard/mouse. Now instead of buying a 99 pence extension cable on Ebay, I thought it would be much more appropriate to come and have a little moan on the intel support forum. (This came with its own troubles of having to request my username again, followed by a password reset...)

      After a little research it appears that I'm not the only one with this issue. I'm not going to list all the threads that show this problem (A simple search should suffice), but instead I would like to point you towards this post: usb problems which then goes on to provide a link to a 'white-paper' written by Intel with regards to interference that occurs between USB 3 radio signals and 2.4 Ghz devices.

      And so I come to the end of my whinge for the day. What can be done about this? Do I have a 'faulty' unit that can't be used with ANY 2.4Ghz wireless input device. (Is there any other kind....?). Have I missed an all important product recall that fixes this problem? Does every unit have this annoyance? Will Intel replace my unit with an all new, shiny, upgraded NUC? Should I go and buy a Mac Mini....? Or should I just shut up and go buy that 99 pence cable?

      Thank you so much for enduring my endless dribble about my products inability to type correctly or point the mouse where it wants to go. I very much hope someone will be able to help me.


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          I've been round this loop too. Read the White Paper and posted here. An Intel rep did, in another thread, ask effected to users to post details of their configurations (NUC model, operating system and affected devices). No response to that as yet.


          In the meantime, I found an old USB 4-port hub with an 18 inch cable. Connected that to the NUC and plugged my 2.4GHz wireless devices into the hub. Problem solved completely.


          It's an acceptable workaround for me but I can understand other users being extremely upset; the NUC is sold on the basis of a very small footprint and adding spaghetti cabling could be a show-stopper in some applications.


          I guess the root problem stems from an oversight in the USB3 and 2.4GHz standards and there probably isn't much Intel can do about that. But I do think they need to look at mitigating the problem with better shielding/isolation because it's pretty bad on the NUC out of the box.

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            Hello Sam_Crawford, thanks for joining the Intel Community


            Please check the information my coworker Joe posted about this issue and some feedback provide by other users. D54250WYKH Wireless mouse & keyboard issues