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    DP55KG will not boot to USB or DVD




      I have the DP55KG motherboard that's been in my self-built system since 2010 and has had Windows Vista Ultimate x64, Win 7 Ultimate x64 & Win 8.1 Pro x64. It's been flawless except for one consistent issue: It will not boot to a USB drive/stick or a DVD drive, not matter what I've tried.


      I've built a lot of computers and tinker with them all the time and am pretty well versed in configuring them properly. I've done the usual BIOS updates, configured the board for USB or DVD boot, etc., etc., over the years to test variations for getting it to boot to USB/DVD...but nothing has ever worked.


      When I create the usual recovery USB sticks or other utilities that are common, my computer will not boot with the stick plugged in.

      1. If the Windows hard drive is connected, she'll bypass the USB stick and go to the HD and load Windows.
      2. If I disconnect the hard drive and only the USB stick is remaining on boot, she'll throw the black screen stating that no boot device has been detected and stop.
      3. Over the years, I've tried different USB sticks on different USB ports on both the motherboard and via USB hubs, with fresh burns of Windows recovery files.


      Nothing I've tried has EVER got a USB stick to boot.


      This same issue occurs if I try to boot from CD/DVD, such as using the Windows Vista, 7 or 8 install or recovery discs., with one exception:

      1. With the Windows hard drive connected, the DVD is bypassed on boot (no matter the BIOS settings), and Windows continues to load from the hard drive like normal, instead of going to the DVD.
      2. If I disconnect the hard drive, THEN the DVD will be seen and booted from, whether it's a Win install disc or recovery disc. A hard disk will not be seen, of course.
        1. If I then reconnect the hard drive at this point, things progress as normal and I can access tools or install/reinstall the O/S. This is the only way I've found to install/reinstall an operating system or access recovery tools on Win discs.
      3. Over the years, I've tried different DVDs with fresh burns of Windows recovery files, as well as the original install discs for Vista, Win7 & 8.


      Recently, I've been downloading & installing the preview builds of Windows 10 via the MS Insider Program. This same motherboard issue is also present when trying to install the ISO via DVD or USB on to a completely different hard drive connected to this motherboard. During this, my Windows hard drive described above was disconnected because I keep them separate from the Windows 10 install hard drive (When I want to tinker with Win 10, I pull my Win 8 drive and connect my Win 10 drive. I do this on purpose because of early 10 builds that others reported corrupting Win 7 & 8 system drives that were concurrently connected).

      1. The only way I could get the Win 10 DVD burn to install on the fresh drive was if I disconnected the fresh drive before cold boot. Then during boot up, the motherboard would see the DVD and launch the install program. At this point, I reconnected the fresh drive and the install could progress.


      Note: All motherboard USB ports, external USB hubs, and all internal or external DVD drives work normally once Windows boots & loads. I don't have any defective USB ports or connections.


      This has been a very frustrating problem because it prevents the usage of any USB sticks for booting to ISO's or recovery tools, or system images on large USB drives. The workaround of disconnecting all drives to get a DVD boot is a band-aide solution that doesn't workaround getting usage of USB booting.


      I've searched all over for any resolution to this issue, but have found none. Does anyone have any idea why this occurs and how to resolve it?


      Thank you.