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    Intel 82562 network adapter


      I have the above adapter in my Gateway GT5628 computer.  My PC (Vista) has been dropping off the internet quite regularly.  I have talked with Linksys and Comcast.  They have tried a bunch of stuff.  Linksys had me change the ethernet port.  I do have a wireless XP and another Vista on the network.  The XP drops once in awhile.  The 2nd Vista drops when mine is off.  I am told it may be the network adapter.  I am a bit of a novice and am just searching for an answer.  I have changed out the cord between the Linksys and my computer.  Linkysys does not think it is them since the XP is fairly reliable.  Dropping for a few seconds.  Any suggestions for me?  It says it is working properly and that my drivers are fine.  I don't know what else to do.  Reading through Intel, I get the feeling this is on the motherboard.  Am I looking at a real big challenge here?  Help if you can.  Thanks.