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    dx38bt 3 beeps no boot


      (system specs:win 7 32bit, had saphire 3800 series took out to replace wiht gefprce gtx 950, 4 gigs or ram with a 2.3 quad core)


      was having issues with video card so I figured I could get a bit of extra life outa my board by ugrading. Orderd new vid card and 8 gigs of ram. Took out old card put in 1 stick of ram and replaced old card wiht new one (gefprce gtx 950) hti power supply button to turn on power, no need to hit on/off switch it just started and gave me 3 beeps with no video and no access to bios. Looked up beep codes and found it had/has? to do with memmorie? so ive tried a million and 1 diferant configerations witjh the new and old memmorie sticks to no avail all it does is beep when I hit the power supply switch. sometimes it will shut down on its own and restart with the same 3 beeps sometimes it just shuts down. Any help would be great and thanks in advance.