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    Intel Galileo Gen2 Board


      Hi All ,

      I just started working on the Intel Galileo Gen2 Board . I just wanted to understand the architecture of the board . What i understand is , generally  Boot-loader(s) resides in the Flash (NOR flash in this board ) which loads the  Linux kernel from  SD card  to the RAM . Now  in such systems , where the operating system resides , user space applications would generally

      access the different peripherals through their stack .

      I could not understand how the Arduino sketches works over this board . I believe , when we upload any sketch over the board , it gets programmed over Flash as firmware. So as per my understanding ,  Arduino should not have anything to do with the operating system as its output is a binary image  .But even after uploading the Arduino sketch ,  when i connect the Board with the terminal , it gives me the version of the Yocto Linux . If i overwrites the Flash with Arduino Sketch , then the Bootloader should get erased .

      I am not clear how it is working . Kindly give your valuable comments so i would be able to grasp how it works