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    Galileo 1, "Help > update firmware" not visible in Arduino Programmer


      I'm getting started with a gen 1 Galileo on a Windows 7 box.  I'm at the firmware update stage of the getting started process.  I've installed the FTDI drivers, I can see the Galileo on one of the com ports, etc, and now in the Intel version of the Arduino Programmer (v1.6), I don't see an "update firmware" option in the Help menu of Arduino 1.6. 


      At the same time, when I run the "IntelGalileoFirmwareUpdater-1.0.4-Windows" download (from intel), the program freezes with the error, "Galileo not found on COM3..." when the board is connected and powered to the appropriate com port per the Device Manager.


      Insight on these errors would be appreciated.