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    Acceleration not available in RST with Windows 7 and Raid 1


      I try to use a SSD to accelerate a RAID 1 volume but I can't see the option "Accelerate" neither from status button or from accelerate tab.


      My configuration:



      ASUS P8Z77-V LX Motherboard with Z77 chipset and 8 GB of memory

      Intel core i5-3550 (LGA 1155)

      2x 1TB SATA disks configured in RAID 1 : Seagate ST31000524AS and SAMSUNG HD103SJ both connected on 3Gbits/s internal sata ports.

      128 GB Crucial MX100 SSD




      Windows 7 64 bits installed on Raid 1 volume 0

      Intel RST Rom version: (available with CTRL/I during boot)

      RST Software version: (installed after downloading from Intel site)

      Intel Sata Raid Controller driver version:


      Below RST screenshots




      I will appreciate any help or ideas to solve this problem. Thanks