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    Extened desktop using INTEL GRAPHCS HD-4000


      I am using intel  HD-4000, on intel i7-3612QM along with nvidia-geforce graphics card.My system is unbale to detec extended desktop using hdmi-dvi(24-1) cable. If I install the graphics driver during cable is plugged in the sytem detects the extended desktop. But, if I unplug the cable or restart the system) the extened desktop cant be detected again. So everytime I hve to install the graphics driver when the cable is plugged in. Everything works fine with the VGA connection. Please suggest the solution.

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          Hello Paul008new, thanks for joining the Intel Community.

          This issue seems to be a problem related to the cable you are using. My recommendation will be to get an straight connection cable ( HDMI to HDMI or DVI to DVI). Please avoid using any type of adapter or converter in the connection


          Also make sure you are using the latest graphics driver version available for your system.


          We always recommend customers to download and install the drivers provided by the system manufacture, since our drivers are generic drivers and sometimes these cannot be installed on other systems or the installation of them could overwrite their customizations and possibly change the functionality of the graphics.



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            Thank you for your response.


            So do you suggest me to use a DVI-Hdmi adapter on my extended desktop and then connecting a HDMI cable between desktop and my system. will it work?


            I am using a latest driver from DELL (my manufacture).

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              No Paul, I am suggesting you to use straight connection. No adapters no HDMI to DVI cables.


              If your computer has a DVI port, please connect the system to a monitor or a TV with DVI.   If you have HDMI, please use the HDMI port.