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    Intel AMT FW Update


      Hi @ all,


      i have an issue with an Client, to be exact with an Fujitsu P720. Cant´t use Intel AMT because there is no possibility to update the FW. If i´m going to the bios settings or type ctrl+p i came into the MEBx Setup, but the only Option i have is to change FW Update [enabled|disabled|password protected] or leave the menue. There is no option to change the admin password or enter the full menue. I tried to Update it by using the Update from the Manufacturer site but haven´t any success. I mean the Update run successfully but there is nothing changed except the version number. I´ve also installed the required drivers, but, No way.


      Do you have any idea what could be wrong or how i can solve this Problem.


      This is what i get when i´m using the MEinfo.exe.


      Many thanks in advance for your help


      Kind Regards



      Off-Topic: Sorry for my bad english;)