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    IoT Analytics data observation



      I try to use IoT Analytics service

      • Connect and activate device
      • Register temp sensor
      • Create observation


      root@quark0176e8:~# iotkit-admin observation temp 25
      2014-09-04T03:09:04.346Z - info: Sending attributes...
      2014-09-04T03:09:09.283Z - info: Submitting:  n=temp, v=25
      2014-09-04T03:09:15.807Z - info: Response received:  response=none detail, status=0
      2014-09-04T03:09:15.815Z - info: Observation Sent response=none detail, status=0
      root@quark0176e8:~# tail  /tmp/agent.log
      {"n":"temp","v":"25","level":"info","message":"Submitting: ","timestamp":"2014-09-04T03:09:09.298Z"}
      {"response":"none detail","status":0,"level":"info","message":"Response received: ","timestamp":"2014-09-04T03:09:15.809Z"}


      • Check Dashboard

      Device 1 Activ
      Last hour observation 0
      Helthy 100%

      that does not correct?