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    DG965RY ECC?


      Is it really true that the DG965RY doesn't support ECC?

      I've been running this board for a few years now and don't remember very many crashes.


      It is my understanding that Non-ECC computers experience about one bit error per gig of memory per month of continuous use



      So if I use all 8 gigs of memory which my computer is powered on for a whole month does that mean my computer will have 8 chances to crash?  If my changes to crash in a month are then 8/30 does this mean that my chances to crash in an 8 hour period are:


      8 crash chances     1 month    1 days     4 hours                   0.04 crash changes

      ---------------  *  -------  * -------- * ---------------------  =  ----------------------  = 4% chace of crash?

      1 month             30 days    24 hours   MPEG rendering sesson     MPEG rendering session


      I don't know if I did the math correctly or not, but it can take several hours to render a 5 or 8 Gig DVD, and I think that a 4% change of failure for this is unacceptable.


      What do you think?