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    fan speed on S5000VSA server


      The fans on my board are going full-blast and the fault light is amber under Windows 2003.  I had this same problem on another system and I installed a software package for enviromental control that fixed it but I don't see anything similar for this motherboard.  Does one exist?


      I tried a BIOS setting for the fans but that doesn't make a difference.  Lastly I tried to update the BIOS with the deployment CD but the update hangs.  I tried using the Internet update and also with the zip file on a USB stick but both attempts hang the utility.

      Any ideas?



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          I guess you are missing the update requirement part.

          This update should only be used when running the Intel® Deployment Assistant CD and One Flash Update Utility.

          Requirement : The system needs to be running BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR35a prior to updating to this package.

          The package contains:

          BIOS : R0070
          BMC : BMC56
          FRUSDR : FSP_36
          SCSI HSC: 1.16




          and do follow the order of flashing the firmware.(Recommended)

          1. BIOS ( DC cycle)

          2. BMC ( DC cycle)

          3. FRUSDR (AC cycle)



          Answer to your first question(FAN speed boosting):

          You need to update the latest FRUSDR and while updating select appropriate chassis and other devices.

          Let me know if you are still having issues.




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            Javed Lodhi

            Hi Diego,

            I would agree with Kamal here. You have to first update your BMC, BIOS & FRUSDR before you proceed however I'd like to add one more thing.

            Once I encountered a problem with one of the servers that even after all the necessary updates and settings, the noise won't go away. My last resort was to map the motherboard diagram to ensure the system fan cables connectivity on board and as good as they appeared, no one had realized that the integrator had installed Fan 1 cables into Fan 2 slot. Now that should not have any impact on the fan's operation but as soon as I switched the cables, the noise went away. I would suggest that you also ensure the connections on motherboard for fans.

            Let us know how it all goes.

            Thank you and have a nice day!


            Warm Regards,

            Javed Lodhi

            Intel Go Green, Save The Environment!

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              Thanks guys, the update worked to quiet the fans.  The hardest part was finding a flash update utility that worked.  The deployment CD did not work and making a DOS boot USB key seems like too much work.  I ended up using the One Boot Flash util.  The first one I found did not work so I found a newer version that did.


              One thing though, as I used the One Boot utility from inside Windows 2003 server, at one point the process asks me to choose which chassis I have.  I have a label on the bottom of the chassis that says SR2520.  However the options are SR2520AF, SR2520AX and SR2520AXS.  How do I know which chassis I have?



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                hi diego,


                Answer to your question is:

                SR2520 AF    -> Support up to six cabled SATA HDD

                SR2520 AX    ->  Support up to six HOTSWAP SATA HDD

                SR2520 AXS  ->  Support up to six HOTSWAP SAS/SATA HDD


                Now you can figure out which chassis you have.

                BTW, you should be able to update the f/w without any hassle using IDA itself..


                Let me know if you have any difficulties.




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                  Thanks Kamal,


                  Looks I chose the wrong chassis type but the box is quiet.  Should I just keep it that way or do you think it is important to rerun and choose the correct chassis?



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                    Cool. You are welcome diego!

                    I would recommend you to update the FRUSDR with the correct chassis type.




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                      EDIT: Got it working. Apparently you can't select all, I had to only select SDR for it to work.


                      I am experiencing the same problem with the fan speed. I have a S5000VSA in a SC5299-E (DP) chassis.

                      The system fan on the back won't speed down, I have checked wiring and everything looks as it should, the system fan is connected to Sys Fan 6.


                      I booted the Intel Deployment Assistant cd and downloaded the latest update packages 10.0 from 10-jan-2009 but still no joy. I have also tried 9.0 from 13-May-2007


                      I have also, in despair tried your suggestions which probably didn't apply to me, since I could upgrade without any problems to being with.


                      Warning light on the front-panel is constant green and according to the book system ready.