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    Intel HD Graphics 4000 malfunctioning heavily, causes jittering


      My laptop was working all fine this morning, when I was making a quick check over my mails and allowing Windows Defender scan to run in the mean time. It is an Samsung Ativ Tab 7 with Intel HD Graphics 4000 inside.


      This was around 10 o'clock in the morning, and my computer was closed in my backpack until 4 o'clock afternoon. I had opened it for the first time then, which was also when I have seen this issue for the very first time. I hadn't seen anything like this since the old cable TV days. The screen is exactly like when the signal is very poor on your old CRT television.


      It looks like this: Samsung Ativ 7 Tab after 18 months - YouTube (recorded that with some other device)


      I have tried many things, and at some point, I have realized that this isn't a failure regarding the screen or its connections, but rather regarding the GPU, either the driver (less likely) or the hardware (more likely). Replacing the Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver with Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver resolves the issue, resolves as in:


      - no more screen jittering (which likely hurts the computer, as well as my eyes)

      - no help from the Intel GPU in terms of graphics processing

      - tearing

      - brightness adjustment gone

      - cannot put my computer on sleep

      - closing the lid turns the computer off

      - animations are frame-skipped

      - cannot play games


      The list goes on and on, but of course everything from the third item on is just a consequence of the second item. I don't know, I think I can kind of live without most of those, or at least try living. However, I have no idea how to survive without Sleep on a laptop.


      I don't have much hopes on this, but is there anything that may cure the jitter? I am very much inclined to perform any procedure that has even a slight chance to fix it, both in the software and the hardware level.


      Otherwise, is there a way to Sleep with this Microsoft Basic Display Driver?