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    SSD boots with D54250WYK, but not (anymore) with D34010WYK




      I've got several D54250WYK and D34010WYK NUCs. The SSD MSata (Kingston SSDNow mS200 60GB) doesn't boot anymore in the D34010WYK. I didn't change the hardware. But it worked for almost a year.  If I boot the ssd in the D34010WYK it says there's no boot disk available. The bios does see the disk among de sata devices. Tried legacy or / and uefi boot. The bioses for the

      D54250WYK and D34010WYK are the same, nog password protection etc. Bios is set to default settings.

      When I install Windows 8.1 32bit again via usb. I can format de ssd etc. But windows can't install on it.


      When i put the SSD in a D54250WYK windows 8.1 it boots normally!?


      The problem starten when i tried cloning the D34010WYK SSD with Acronis True Image 2015.


      How do I fix this problem? What am I missing? What can I change on the ssd?



      additional information

      The D34010WYK has the latest bios version (35)


      SSD: Kingston SSDNow mS200 60GB

      Memory:Crucial CT102464BF1339, 8Gb


      I can add pics/screenshots if you want


      I've read D34010WYK No UEFI Boot Devices