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    Any success on SPI with edison breakout board?



      I've been working on SPI for several days, which is an ethernet chip enc28j60.

      Following is my connection,



      What I expected was,

      "When I insmod enc28j60.ko, eth0 comes up."

      However things were not that simple.

      Is there anybody managed to connect enc28j60 - or other SPI devices with interrupt - on edison breakout board?


      Currently I'm on,

      1. I found "spi-config" lets me know that the enc28j60 is connected on "SPI bus 6". whatever it is.

      2. I see driver module "enc28j60.ko loaded" from dmesg but no more.

      3. "modprobe spi-config devices=bus=6:speed=12000000:cs=0:modalias=enc28j60:gpioirq=44" gives me

      [54235.127227] BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context at /home/builder/edison-src/build/tmp/work/edison-poky-linux/linux-yocto/3.10.17+gitAUTOINC+6ad20f049a_c03195ed6e-r0/linux/mm/slub.c:926
      [54235.127376] in_atomic(): 1, irqs_disabled(): 1, pid: 323, name: modprobe
      [54235.173888] intel_mid_ssp_spi_unified 0000:00:07.2: ERROR : DMA buffers already mapped

      4. adding {"enc28j60", SFI_DEV_TYPE_SPI, 0, &enc28j60_platform_data, NULL }, etc. in upstream_to_edison.patch didn't show any differences.


      any ideas?

      I'll be keep debugging.