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    BIOS locked!!!


      I have a TV box whit Intel atom z3735f

      Model name: Wintel Mini iPC002 (Vensmile W10) Producer: Vissontech [search it :D]

      Initially i have a problem whit the two USB and i think that it was disable on the bios setup. I procure an otg cable and connect the keyboard in a micro-usb port to finish a pre-configuration of Windows. Then i reboot and enter in the bios setup. Whit my big surprise, everithing is enable!..then reboot and try the two USB, but nothing: don't work!

      At last, i re-enter in the bios setup and i can't select or change nothing!..I repeat the operation but i can't change nothing in the bios setup and the two USB don't work!!

      Do you say me one way to reset the bios?..or one solution for the problem that i described in this post?

      Exist a tool to flash a bios in WinOS for this product whit Intel processor?

      Thank you for your time!

      Hope in more reply

      Best regardes

      Soon. Svinsz