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    Using Interrupts with Node.js on Galileo


      Hi All

      After reading the announcement of the new XDK IoT development environment (IDE?) that uses node.js I have been trying to see what it can do. After a bit of refresher/learning about node.js/javascript (since only used a little with HTML a long time ago) I started to do some experiements. After a bit of a shock/learning curve at creating a program where each function runs in its own thread, so at the same time instead of in sequence as I am used to, I have gotten a motor controller board, sort of working. (PWM isn't working yet)

      The next thing I would like to try is to see if it is possible to use hardware interrupts to count wheel rotations (yes I know the timing isn't like an Arduino, but would like to see if can work.)

      So can anyone give me a hint on how to have a program written in node.js check for hardware interrupts?