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    LAN connection not restarted on power up - Arduino/Galileo project


      My first impression of working with the Galileo is to put it in the box and send it back.

      Im happy with the open source environment which has grown quite rapidly with the birth of the arduino, i was hoping that the Galileo was going to be straight forward. Wrong.

      Ok so what did i dislike having to discover how to re flash it before i could even get it working. no instruction in box for basic setup only pointers to intels corporate site. incidently its a nightmare to trawl through to find this forum.

      power up sequence, dont plug in USB lead first or it will destroy your board, what sort of product is this. A known issue in a production board.

      i tried to register my product, it apparently does not exist even though its 100% genuine from Amazon, so i cant register it.

      Using the Galileo as an Arduino after all the hick-ups i do have a working application, control for an AUV over LAN.

      like most things it is likely to be switched off at night. Unfortunately the Network connection does not reopen unless i reload the arduino sketch

      any help to fix this or a work around would be very much appreciated.

      otherwise its going back in the box.


      Jason T.