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    Edison Board Not Being Detected in Intel XDK and Cannot connect Edison Board Through SSH Connect


      Hi,I am a really new guy in My Edison seems to be cannot connected to XDK.

      I use Ubantu linux system and edison board,and i can use the cloud service now as the guide,but when i try to use intel XDK, it cannot detected my device,even i try to  add a device manually,


      IP Address: <>

      Port: 58888

      and runroot@edison

      root@edison:~# systemctl enable xdk-daemon

      root@edison:~# systemctl restart xdk-daemon

      whitelist --add<ip>

      still get Error: connect ETIMEDOUT,then i changed the ssh port to 5888,it still show connect refused,i donnot what wrong with my board?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!(pass: i can run arduino sample well,it can connect to my board and upload example Blink to my board and run well,but i need to use javascript)

      those are the information about my configure and test

      connect to wifi seems ok, but try from computer ssh connect to board failed,whatever ues or,ping also failed