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    Intel SSD DC S3700 Firmware update


      Hi all,


      I need to complete a firmware update on a couple of S3700 SSD drives. My problem is that they are in a server running Open-E so I can't install the Firmware Update Tool or Intel SSD Toolbox software, so I tried two things:


      1. Took a drive out and connected it to a laptop via a SATA - USB cable but neither of the above software recognised the drive so we assumed the drive couldn't be detected via USB.
      2. We then tried the bootable upgrade tool and burnt the bootable ISO to a CD and booted the server from CD - this wouldn't detect the drives either we think due to the software not being able to read the drives which are on a RAID controller.


      So my question is, does anybody know how I can update the firmware on a SSD Drive which is in an Open-E environment?


      Thank you in advance