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    Which processor is what??


      I have been doing some research for buying a laptop. I have come across all kinds of processors - and I have no clue which is better than which.


      Some of the processors I have come across are:

      Pentium T4200, SU2700

      Pentium Dual Core Mobile T3400, T4300

      Core 2 Duo T6500, T6400, T6600, T5800

      Celeron Dual Core T1600

      Celeron Dual Core Mobile T3400

      Atom N280, Z520


      What is the difference between all of them?

      I have not been able to locate most of these on the sites. Names of the processors are as were given by the laptop manufacturers.


      The laptop will be used for the Internet thru Wifi, Microsoft Office, viewing photos and other basic stuff - nothing fancy.

      Do I even need to worry about the processor for such basic use?


      I am thoroughly confused and have no idea of processor hierarchy anymore!!

      Please help me!!!

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          This is what i could find out about the CPUs you mentioned:

          Pentium T4200, SU2700

          T4200    DC 45nm              2.00 Ghz               FSB800  1MB


          Pentium Dual Core Mobile,

          T3400    DC 65nm              2.16 Ghz               FSB667  1MB

          T4300    DC 45nm              2.10 Ghz               800         1MB


          Core 2 Duo T6500, T6400, T6600, T5800

          T6500    DC 45nm              2.16 Ghz               FSB800  2M

          T6600    DC 45nm              2.20 Ghz               FSB800  2M

          T6400    DC 45nm              2.00 Ghz               FSB800  2M

          T5800    DC 65nm              2.00 Ghz               FSB800  2M

          Celeron Dual Core

          T1600    DC 65nm              1.66 Ghz               667         1M


          Atom N280,

          N280 1.66 Ghz   FSB 667                 512

          Z520 1.33 Ghz    FSB 533                 512


          Now it would all depend on what you want and the price of them....

          To be fair i still have a P3 laptop which i use for internet and some other things...it's struggling but more because of the lack of memory. So it's not like you have to have the best copmputer in the world. I would look more at price, aesthetics and what else you would get with it, webcam, type of screen et et etc.

          Theoretically out of the CPUs you mentioned the T6600 is the best.


          Hope this helps

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            Why can't I find T4300 in Intel Processor family at Intel web site?

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              Because it is OEM.

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                I have some issues with Dell regarding T5800 vs T4300. I ordered a Studio hybrid with T5800 around 7 months ago and it could NOT play buy-ray disk well. I spent 6 months with them debugging softwares, and replacing parts. Finally they sent me a replacement computer couple days ago. However, it still does NOT play blu-ray daisk. Tthe biggest thing disappointing me is that the processor in the replacement computer is now T4300. The tech support refered this link to me and told me T4300 is faster than the original T5800.I am furious. I just don't like being cheated like this. Isn't Intel T5800 newer and superior than T4300 regardless the tiny speed difference?

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                  The T4300 is newer, its a 45nm chip compared to 65nm of the t5800, but the t5800 does have 2 m cahce compared to the 1m of the 4300, very similar CPUs

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                    I am wondering which one could do better for playing Blu-ray disk at 1080p?

                    The T5800 with 3GB Ram does not handle that too well and I saw some choppping.