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      Hi, i was looking for some help and i'm not sure where to look.

      my laptop has an intel 3945abg card inside and its been working well for the last 2 years, however within the last 2 or so weeks, it connects at 54mb, and then begins to cycle down speeds to 36..24..16.. and then hovers at 2mb or 1mb even if im sitting next to the router or my other  access point. i've updated the software and no change. all the other laptops in the house have no problems and they either have the same card or the 2200bg card...

      Can i safely assume that the card is on its why out and requires replaceing with either the same card or a 5100agn...


      thank you in advance

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          i would suggest you to contact the notebook vendor, they are in the best position to check the card for you if you are sure there is no problem w/ the software, drivers and the routers.