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    No AHCI support for Intel H61 Express Chipset???


      I have an older Zotac Intel Socket LGA1155 Motherboard that uses the Intel H61 Express Chipset.  (Zotac H61MAT-A-E w/ a Intel G2030 Pentium Ivy Bridge Processor installed)


      This past week I just got around to actually putting the Motherboard to use on a new system and just installed a fresh Windows 8.1 64bit OS on a new OCZ ARC 100 240GB SSD.


      I originally installed the 8.1 OS with IDE mode selected in the MB BIOS with the thought of changing to AHCI mode after installation.


      Short story, any of the available "Intel RST RAID" drivers that are available that I have looked at either skip over series 6 chips (version 11 or 12) or start at series 7 Chips and above (version 13).


      Version 11 and 12 have AHCI for Chip series 5 and 7 and above.  Version 13 starts at series 8.


      Why does this always have to be so hard?