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    rapid storage not working with windows 8.1 on HP Elitebook 8570w


      I've newly bought a HP Elitebook 8570w, which have 24Gb mSata ssd cache (intel 313).

      I've installed windows 8.1 Update 1 and installed IRST which downloaded from HP's support page for my Elitebook moderm.

      I turned on Smart Response Technology. After a while not responding, It turned out an error, and in the "Accelerate" tab, it showed that SSD Configuration 've been set to Cache device, but Accelerated device showed "None". When I click on Select device and choose my Hitachi HDD, Windows stop working with a BSOD "critical process died".

      I searched on the internet and i've figured out that's IRST 11's bug and fixed in 12.9. I removed the old version and installed new one. But after all, the new version has no "Accelerate" tab, and I cannot do anything to turn on Smart Response.


      I wonder if Intel can have an idea to fixed my error, or I must use Windows 7 forever in order to use my 24Gb mSata SSD?

      Sorry for my bad English, thanks in advance.