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    Intel HD4600 Color Dithering Issues on Non-OEM Images


      Good afternoon;


      On our new machines using the Intel HD4600, we have encountered issues with color-dithering issues on Windows 8.1 Enterprise and the Windows 10 Technical Preview.  I am going to engage Lenovo technical support on this, but as the problem has been narrowed down to the HD4600 graphics, I thought I would try here as well:


      • The issue is not present on Windows 7 Enterprise corporate image
      • The issue is not present on OEM Windows 8.1 Pro image
      • The issue is present on Windows 8.1 Enterprise install (even with a vanilla Microsoft ISO installation)
      • The issue is present on Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview (even with a vanilla Microsoft ISO installation)
      • The issue is not resolved by updating/downgrading graphics drivers - revisions from 2013 to 2015 have been attempted
        • OEM drivers from the 100% functional OEM image were captured, but when redeployed on a corporate Win 8.1 Enterprise image, does not correct the issue
      • The issue is resolved when using non-Intel, non-accelerated "Microsoft Basic Display Driver"
      • The issue is not able to be captured with screenshots - screenshots will display normally on a non-affected systems


      The issue is mostly prevalently seen on images/wallpapers with solid color variance, the "Metro UI" styled Windows 8.1 Start Screen icons of solid colors, and various graphical dialog boxes.


      Screenshots from a physical camera pointed at the LCD - Captured screenshots will not reflect the issue in the image file:



      Similar issues from users on this forum:




      I've expired my troubleshooting skills for this one - generally things like this are driver-related, but I've disproved that.


      Any ideas?  Obscure registry entry perhaps?


      Any help would be much appreciated; thank you for your time and support.