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    How to set up Toolchain for Kernel/driver development?



      im on BSP v1.1
      yocto is 1.6

      I'm trying to set up the cross compile toolchain to compile character driver code

      but the output i get is


      [mark@localhost ~]$ ${CC} first.c -o first                                                                                

      first.c:1:24: fatal error: linux/init.h: No such file or directory

      #include <linux/init.h>


      compilation terminated.


      i think the issue is that
      the header is not in the toolchain
      there is no <init.h> at this location


      I think something has to be added as  IMAGE_INSTALL or IMAGE_FEATURE but i dont know what




      am I on the right track ?
      does anyone know what i have to add ?
      or am i completely off tracks altogether?