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    Intel D34010WYK


      I purchased an Intel NUC D34010WYK in September.  Since January it has become very unstable.


      My system has been freezing up, Windows often times gives blue screens and restarts with different errors. 

      I've reseated the RAM and mSATA SSD, applied new thermal compound to the processor heat sink and fan thinking it was an overheating issue.

      The hardware I put into it:

      RAM  -  2 x Crucial 1.35v 204 pin  4GB DDR3 PC3-12800 SODIMM   

      SSD - Plextor 240GB mSATA

      I also have a SiliconDust Network OTA Dual Tuner. 

      Logitech Wireless KB and Mouse, as well as a Windows Media Center Remote that uses the IR sensor on the NUC itself.

      I did not oped for a wireless card since I'm hardwired to the network via 1Gbps network interface.


      The device itself sits out in the open, I've made sure it is not surrounded by anything so that airflow won't be a problem. 
      I've attempted to run both Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center and Ubuntu Linux on it, the only difference I can tell is that Ubuntu doesn't reboot, it just hard freezes with no errors and doesn't restart.


      What I'm doing at the time the system freezes:
      Typically I am watching something via a live stream, or Netflix in HD format.  Sometimes I watch rips of Blu-Rays I keep on my file server so I don't damage the discs from usage in a Blu-ray player.  I also on occasion kick on Windows Media Center and watch Live TV from my network TV Tuner.  I'm not gaming on this device, I have a separate PC I game on.  The system can sit idle for days on end if I don't use it just fine, but when I start to do any of these tasks it becomes very unstable.

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          I had similar problems recently  with my NUC D34010wyk, and finally the screen stay on black and  was impossible to  start the device. The problem: the Plextor mSATA SSD,  in my case of 128 Gb,  that  I bought to replace a Kingston 30GB SSD, I have reinstalled it and the device returns to run smoothly. Check your disk  to see if that is the problem. Good luck and greetings.

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            I noticed when doing some research that they have a "hardware approved" listing of SSDs for these. I guess I didn't pay that much attention to it when I bought it.   That was a bad assumption on my part that anything would work.   I'll buy one that is on the list this time around and see if that works.  I guess I can always take this mSATA Plextor and get a PCIe adapter and add it to one of my desktop units.   Thank You for the reply, I'll let you know how it turns out, but that may be what it is.