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    Latest libs not synced with IoT SDK


      I updated the Edison with the opkg utility. Then, proceeded to update the SDK, but the downloadable libraries are not synced:

      This is the Edison repo:


      Currently it lists this as the latest:

      - libmraa v0.6.0
      - upm v0.1.9

      And these are the latest downloadable libs:



      Currently it lists this as the latest:

      - libmraa v0.5.98
      - upm v0.1.9.2

      As you can see, both libs are different.

      Is there any way of keeping these things on sync?

      Also, I guess the SDK cross compile tools are not updated at all. The ones listed here:


      Are those the same thing that is included in the Netbeans pack (devkit-x86)? because there are a few differences.