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    Arma 3 DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED Crashes on Intel Iris 6100


      Hey Intel !


      I know, there are a lot of posts about those crashes, but they all exists for several years and still can't find any solutions.


      I'm running Arma 3 on a MacBookPro 2015 (i5 dual core 2.9ghz / 8 go ram / Intel Iris 6100), using bootcamp to be able to boot on windows like any other computers.


      I can run arma 3, even in standard high, with an average of 50fps. But, randomly, it crashes, often with this error message "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED".


      All my drivers are up to date (I also have the latest driver for the new intel iris 6100), and directX11 installed (also installed version 10). I've tried to run arma from the launcher, with specific memory alloc library, cores, threads, windowed, not windowed, etc.


      In game, if I don't move, the problem appears less often.


      Does anyone know a solution to fix this ? Or any intel's solution about installing a specific old driver ?


      Please don't tell me "Update your drivers, re-install arma, re-install drivers" I already tried all those solution, and I also re-install my windows from different iso.


      Thank you !