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    Intel 530 SSD 120GB seriously low write speed on sata 3 port




      I have purchased a intel 530 SSD 120GB few days back I have plugged it on sata 3 port on my board (Asus P8H67-M). I have gone through the various queries on this forum and cross checked from intel ssd toolbox for the code of sata 3 its showing "3" itself.


      I benchmark the ssd with AS SSD Benchmark tool and Crystal Benchmark tool and found that the sequential read is about 450 mbps but the sequential write is less than 100 mbps, however, before purchasing I found on various websites that this SSD is having Read/Write 540/480 mbps. If this is the actual scene I am very upset with intel SSD's as I also read few discussions in the same forum that people are actually not getting the said speed, then there is no sense in investing with intel's ssd.


      I also gave it a try with IO meter as mentioned in one of the discussion for intel 730 ssd but Its so complicating tool I didn't understand a thing but sharing whatever is there.


      I am attaching some of screen shots for reference and looking forward to get a solution soon.




      Robin Verma

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          Hello RobinVerma,


          The tool used by engineering to benchmark the drives is IOmeter since it allows customization of the test according to international standards. The other applications you used show different results since they may not take full advantage of the drive technology.


          The write test that you ran is a little different than the one used for the specs, the CSV file shows that the result for the test was a 478 MB/s.

          You used 128K transfer size, 100% write, 32 Outstanding IOs (Queue depth), aligned to 4K, 100% random.

          This is actually good, even though the test was made with 100% random data, when the rest of the values are the ones you would use for a 100% sequential write test.


          The advertised performance for sequential 128K Write for the Intel® SSD 530 120 GB is: 480 MB/s.

          * Performance measured using Iometer* with Queue Depth 32. Measurements are performed on 8 GB of Logical Block Address (LBA) range on a full SSD


          For reference about testing and performance of your drive, please check the Intel® SSD 530 Series  (2.5-inch) Product Specification.


          The data you provided suggests that the drive is operating properly. Feel free to let us know if you require additional information about this topic.

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            Hi Jonathan,


            Thanks for your valuable feedback. But there is something that I am facing instead of just these specs and bench-marking tools and that is I am facing a low performance in operating the pc like opening up programs installed with in the SSD. I am working as a 3D Visualizer and would like to operate some other programs while rendering on 3ds max, I can see that the drive is not able to give its performance upto the mark it is damn slow and it buffers in opening other softwares just like a normal HDD does but may be a few seconds lesser, system's shutdown speed is also poor. This is why I made my mind to benchmark the SSD to see whether it is performing or not then I looked at Intel's forum for ssd and did what is necessary to find the actual situation of the ssd as per the old threads on forum.


            I have another ssd samsung 840 evo 120 gb which is installed on sata 2 port on a bit older pc and its giving full performance even on sata 2 and it does not require any specific tool to benchmark the ssd any tool can show its perfect specs and performance. I also plugged the same ssd along with intel's one on sata 3 port and got to see that samsung ssd has gave its full performance on sata 3 and seq read/write 520/501 mbps surprised me but intel's seq read/write 450/67 mbps too poor. As well as the sytem boot/shutdown, system handeling and softwares opening are much much faster on samsung.


            Also there is one thing comes in my mind is there any bug on the ssd which you are trying to hide with the preferred benchmarking tool because if the drive has actual performance in it, it should reflect in any tool it should not require any specific tool to show its best performance and specs. I used 3 tools AS SSD Benchmark, CrystalDiskMark and User Benchmark. All 3 gave me same results for intel's ssd that is poor writes. I purchased intel's SSD while believing that intel will give me much faster drive and it will also boost on sata 3 but it is not happening at all and you are trying to hide it with some sort of preffered tool.


            However, I am not getting the physical performance of the SSD so I would like to return it back.

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              Hello RobinVerma,


              Here are a few actions you can attempt that may help in this situation.


              - Run the SSD optimizer function from Intel SSD toolbox.


              - Update the BIOS of your motherboard.


              - Check with your system manufacturer and confirm you are using the recommended drivers for the chipset and storage controller.


              - Try testing the performance using the SSD as secondary drive, with a different port and cable.


              If you feel that the SSD does not meet your expectations, feel free to contact the place of purchase for a possible return.

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                Hello Jonathan,


                I have already tried each and everything you mentioned in your suggestions.

                I gave 3 tries to ssd optimizer function,

                bios is already upto date till the version available on asus website,

                the drivers used are again latest and being downloaded from the manufacturer's website,

                I also gave a try to put the ssd as secondary drive with in the same pc and on other pc also.

                As far as the cable is concerned I am using asus 6gbps sata cable but again and again same results came to me.


                I have spent about 4-5 days in just experimenting everything i was aware of and found on internet to make it work upto the mark but it is not working perfectly.

                I regret but I have to say I am really really very upset with intel's ssd.


                Thanks & Regards

                Robin Verma

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                  Hello RobinVerma,


                  We are sorry to know that you are not satisfied with some aspects of the SSD functionality. The information provided so far shows that the drive is operating within the technical specifications.


                  If you consider that the SSD is not meeting your expectations, please contact the place of purchase so they can provide further support options.