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    Comparing my old slim PC w/E5500 at 2.8ghz to an Intel NUC w/i5-5250U


      So I've had this HP slim PC set up in my kitchen for the past few years for general use, web, email, ms office, etc.  It also has an instance of MySQL running on it to serve as a back-end for my XBMC database.  Very low intensity stuff.  Along the way I upgraded it to a SSD for better performance.


      I want to upgrade to a NUC to get the footprint even lower and use a larger display.


      The old slimline is using an E5500.


      I'm looking at the NUC that uses an i5-5250U


      I also have the possibility of getting a Lenovo M92Z which uses a I5-3470T at 2.90ghz


      Should I see an improvement in performance going to the NUC?  Is the Lenovo M92Z the best of the 3?  It's using a desktop part correct?  I'm always leery of moving from a desktop part to a LV or Laptop part.  I've used the latest i7 Mac Mini and it didnt' seem like the zippiest machine considering the cost.


      I know its hard to quantify and I have looked at some of the benchmarks, but I'm wondering what I should expect.  If it's only margionally faster I have to consider the cost/performance and consider if it just makes sense to keep the old clunker right where it is.  It's not giving me any trouble at this point, but I'd like a larger screen and smaller footprint.