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    My Intel Edison project


      Hi. I have recently bought an Intel Edison with the Arduino compatible breakout board. I am planning to use this for an universal translator project. Something like this.  But what I am hoping to do is make it into a wearable, controlled by my phone, which would be connected to a microphone and a speaker. The translation would be using the Google speech recognition API and Microsoft translate API.

      The problem is that this would involve making the whole breakout board smaller. I have seen many projects online which used the Edison board and arduino and the whole thing was small.

      So what I ask for in this thread is a bit of advice about the project:

      1. Should this run on Linux or Arduino? Which one is better for this project?

      2. How can I make the whole thing as small as possible?

      P.S.: AS far as my skills are concerned, I think I am quite qualified to do this project. I am an advanced programmer, so the software side of this project should be a piece of cake and my hardware abilities are, I would say, about upper intermediate, since I have lots of experience in hardware. But I have never worked with Edison or Galileo, so I will need some help in this way.