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    UPM development (Discuss)


      This is to discuss - if general agreement concensus reached, 2 (could they be sticky) topics entitled....

      upm modules being develoiped

      upm modules wanted

      would be created.


      Hi, could I suggest if you are working on a UPM module for a xyz sensor that it be logged.

      Reason I say this is to prevent duplication of effort.

      Case in example. I wanted a sensor module for the adafruit 16 channel i2c servo controller. The only way I could find out if anyone else was developing it was to email Brendan Le Foll (who probably has many more things to do). To his knowlege it was not being developed so I am writing it and will submit it to be put into the UPM library as soon as it is finished. This is based on a PCA968.

      I was given yesterday a 128x128 rgb oled which is based on SSD1351. I downloaded the latest upm build last night and while there is a lot of OLED modules, there is not one for the SSD 1351 - so at this stage here is the delimma (sic) I have. I have about 3 or 4 days before finishing the servo controller library (I only get a couple of hours an evening to do this stuff) at which point I can re-pull the latest upm hoping someone may have written it by then - if not the question is - do I start writing it not knowing if someone else has almost finished it?

      SO the suggestion is;

      Put a reply in the 'upm modules being developed' topic if you are working on a upm module  - perhaps another topic (depending on comments received to this topic) could be upm modules wanted?

      Your thoughts?