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    Problem with Iotkit agent


      Hi All,

      I am not able to understand how to use intel galileo iotkit agent.and use it with wind river. after running node agent I am getting following response:

      2014-06-18T09:38:02.656Z - info: REST listener started on port:  9090
      2014-06-18T09:38:02.709Z - info: TCP listener started on port:   7070
      2014-06-18T09:38:02.749Z - info: MQTT listener started on port:  1883
      2014-06-18T09:38:02.786Z - info: UDP listener started on port:  41234
      2014-06-18T09:38:08.714Z - info: STATUS: /server/registration_status {
        "response" : {
          "device_id" : "98-4F-EE-00-08-D2",
          "account_id" : "sunilksi",
          "status" : true
        "msg_type" : "device_registration_status_msg",
        "sender_id" : "SVUUID00000001",
        "timestamp" : 1403084384234
      2014-06-18T09:38:08.727Z - info: Devices registered successfully.

      I interface Temperature zigbee module with the board and now i wanted to send it to the cloud.

      But, I am not able to understand how to proceed for further steps !

      I visited following sites but did't get clarity to execute those steps:


      Can  any one please help me ?