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    Need to Update OpenGL to 3.2 or Higher


      I have the Intel HD Graphics 3000 on my computer with Build version I'm am running a Dell Laptop  computer with Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 Intel Core i3-235OM CPU@2.30 GHz 64 Bit Operating System. I purchase a Photoshop Plugin, Topaz Impression, and when trying to install it the plugin indicates it requires OpenGl 3.2 or higher and to update the graphics card driver to update the OpenGL to 3.2 or higher. I used the Intel Drive Updater 2.0 and was able to download the latest Intel HD Graphics 3000 driver but this did not update the OpenGL which remained at OpenGL 3.1. Any ideas how I can get my OpenGL to update to 3.2 or higher since there is no other new Intel HD Graphics 3000 driver to download.


      Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance