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    NUC DOA? No power, no lights, nothing. BOXNUC5I5RYK


      Hi. I'm trying to power up my BOXNUC5I5RYK, I've installed 2X 1.35v Crucial RAM and a Kingston M.2 SSD. I've plugged in the power with the PSU that came with it.

      I pressed the button on the top of the unit. It did nothing. I held the button down. It did nothing. The button has a definite click when pressed which suggests I'm pressing it properly.

      The wall socket is confirmed working.

      I tried unplugging the PSU and from the NUC and back in again.

      I tried removing the RAM completely.

      Neither helped.

      Would I expect to see an LED light up as soon as I pressed the button?


      edit: just seen on a video that the power button CONTAINS a blue LED. This does not light up on mine. Can I assume it needs to be sent back to the reseller?