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    I2C problem in edison arduino board


      hi all,

      I have work with edison I2C interface for  a month, but no good result. please help.

      I have used "wire" library in arduino IDE, "mraa" library in eclipse IDE and "node.js" language for connect  GY-80 with edison arduino board by I2C interface.

      The latest progress is when i use a Salease Logic Analyser catch the wave shape from SDA and SCL if  my GY-80 is not connect with edison, The wave is right.

      But when GY-80 is connect with edison .The wave can`t recognise by Logic Analyser. The wave of SDA and wave of SCL is misplacement.  the first SDA rise when SCL is high signal level.


      The right wave can recognise by Logic Analyser, "Setup Write to[0xxx]" is right.


      please help me!